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What to Expect

Mental health is important and sometimes taken for granted. Coping in a complex society requires many skills. I believe that, at our core, we are all doing the best we can with what we have. Despite this, problems can still arise. Genetics plays a big role, but what we do as individuals plays a bigger role yet. Life is hard and can be difficult at times. Maintaining a balanced lifestyle and nurturing positive relationships are ways to cope with life’s difficulties. Self-care is key. Sometimes, though, we discover the need for some help. Sometimes circumstances are not helpful, but sometimes, things get in the way of wanted progress or a sense of calm — ADD/ADHD | Anxiety | Fear | Depression | Bipolar | Paranoia | Grief | Relationship Issues | Feeling Stuck

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There is hope when we stay connected and learn positive self-talk.

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    I maintain electronic encrypted electronic medical records which are only accessible to me, you, an insurance provider, if paying, and others only with a court order.

    Confidentiality is key to my practice. Electronic communications are as secure as the carriers.

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    Protocols/ Fees

    Appointments are scheduled after a brief pre-appointment telephone conversation, during which I typically ask about the issue at hand, and then we settle on an initial appointment time. I offer one hour initial consultations to assess any issues of concern and develop a recommended treatment strategy, which usually includes follow up appointments. One trip to a gym does not make an athlete. Likewise, mental health takes time and practice to flourish.
    Payment is expected at the time of service, and  I do have a no-show and same-day cancellation fee policy. If you are using insurance, I am credentialed with MODA, Aetna, Regence Blue Cross/Blue Shield, and United Behavioral Health, which is the Behavioral Health payer for Providence Health Plan. Please provide your Insurance carrier’s information prior to the first visit so that eligibility, copays and deductibles, if applicable, can be determined. If you carry other insurance plans, I can provide you with information for you to provide to your insurer for them to reimburse you for the appropriate fee.
    I appreciate the checkered past of my chosen field. There is good and bad with so many things. I offer private psychiatric consultation to help identify if there are pharmacological remedies or talk-therapy treatment approaches which may be of help. I work with those who think a mental health issue may be possible, and with those who have clear mental health challenges and are looking for long term follow up. There is hope when we stay connected and learn positive self-talk. I work with adults 18 years of age and older. Of note, I do not provide determinations for disability or evaluations for legal proceedings.


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